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dressup games girl

dressup games girl

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February 01 2012
Posted by ferkison  [ 18:48 ]

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The sound of the doorbell ringing, followed by Susies door opening and slamming shut made Rosss heart thump.
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Posted by ferkison  [ 06:25 ]

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free xbox gamer pictures. Susie wanted to shout out…her mind was confused. She knew Ross had control over her…but her mum? Was that bastard brother of hers also blackmailing his mother? She couldnt believe what she was seeing…
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I could see mum crest fallen.
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asian sex game show. I wonder if anything will actually happen tonight…She acted kind of nervous today, and this was all her idea in the first place, so I think its safe enough to say shes interested, but how far could things go?
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I wanted to turn around and go back to sleep, when she told me it was to cold and if I could hold her.
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January 31 2012
Posted by ferkison  [ 11:58 ]

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alien force hentai.      I had sex one time in High School and I guess one time was the charm for me. My girlfriend Jacy became pregnant and all of a sudden, at the age of fifteen, I was looking fatherhood strait in the face. I was only a kid myself and knew I wasn’t ready for it. I asked Jacy to abort the pregnancy, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She decided to have the child and give it up for adoption. I was supportive and became convinced this was the best thing, so we went through the process and when Jacy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, she was given to a nice couple of our choosing. The process proved hard on Jacy and a few weeks after the adoption, we broke up. Jacy ended up moving away and I have never seen her since. After high school, I went on to college and tried to carry on with my life. I hadn’t had sex since that one time with Jacy, and really hadn’t wanted to. Not because I was impotent or gay or anything, but more because the first time ended up scaring the hell out of me. This is not to say I was sexually dead inside. I masturbated at least once most every day and my personal relationships began to be with pornographic video and silicone masturbators instead of real women. I spent a lot of time on the internet with adult sites and message boards talking to lonely people like me who were just trying to get off. The idea of a real relationship was scary for me and all I could think about was getting another girl pregnant by accident. I guess I went a little off the deep end and became obsessed with avoiding relationships at all cost. I tried to fill my time with school work and activities like weight lifting during college, but the thought of my daughter always filled my mind. By the time of my college graduation, I could think of nothing but how my daughter was doing so I made up my mind to seek her out and try to start a relationship. I knew it might come with heartaches and hard times, but I decided it was worth the shot. I was twenty five years old when I finally found the foster parents. They were living in a different city now and it took some time to track them down. I found out my daughter’s name was Kelly and she was ten years old now.I decided I should call and see what the foster parents might think about my coming back into Kelly’s life after all these years. They were good people and understood my situation at the time of the adoption, so I was hopeful this would go well. I was nervous when an older sounding woman answered the phone. I remembered her name to be Julie and I told her my name and she immediately sounded a little nervous. I tried to be as polite and nice as I could and told her I had called to get her confidence and approval before I did anything else. The conversation turned out to be pleasant, but she didn’t think I should see Kelly yet. She said Jacy had not contacted her and she didn’t know of her whereabouts when I asked. She did agree to send photos and information on Kelly to me periodically and that I would be allowed to see her maybe in a few more years when she was older and might understand better. They had told Kelly nothing about the adoption yet. I agree to this and I did get photos and information almost immediately.The photos kept coming in the next three years and I got to see her grow up in pictures. She was a beautiful little girl with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. She was very active and had begun participating in many activities including cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, and softball. She was evidently very good at all of these as I received word of her many awards from each. I was especially interested to learn that she was wanting to get active in weightlifting, because this was one of my favorite activities as well. I guess it gave us some type of connection. I was still active in weightlifting and had now become very fit. I am about six feet tall and weigh two hundred pounds. I am very muscular and strong and eat healthily and have been complemented on my appearance many times. I guess because of t he nature of this story, I should now say that my cock is large. I would say larger than normal based on all the porn movies I had seen. I measured it once out of silly curiosity and it measured to be twelve inches long when fully erect, and it was thick and wide in circumference. I do not consider myself a vain person, but I do see my cock as my best attribute, even though I was scared to use it. I still fought off women who tried to catch my eye and kept my concentration on my daughter to keep my mind off other women. There was one woman I went on a blind date with one time since college. I did it just as a favor to a friend of mine who was dating her sister and needed a double date partner. Her name was Bernice and she was gorgeous. The date had gone well despite my efforts to not be charming. Afterwards, we went back to my friend’s house and he and his date went into the bedroom. I could hear moans and an occasional scream come out of the room and it made me a little on edge trying to sit and talk with Bernice. She was noticeable attracted to me and finally she said It sounds like they’re having fun in there doesn’t it? I just smiled and said that it did but she became much more forward.We could be having that much fun to.I don’t think we should. I said.Don’t you like me?Very much, but this is our first date.I’m not worried about that. she said.She was wearing a formal black dress with shoulder straps that tied in the back behind her neck and had her long black hair up. She slowly reached behind her neck and untied the straps. She then folded her arms under her breasts and slowly lowered her arms down along with the top of her dress. She was not wearing a bra and her bare breasts were now fully exposed to me. She has a seductive grin on her face and I was dumbfounded. This was the first pair of live breasts I had seen since I was fifteen and I was astounded at how perfect they were. They were large and firm and her nipples pointed upward toward the ceiling. Her nipples were hard and only slightly lighter in color than her breasts; and there were no visible tan lines, which suggested that she sunbathed in the nude, because of her dark complexion. My cock was almost instantly erect and I was struggling in my seat to hide it. I guess I was very visibly nervous because she reached out, grabbed the back of my head and said its all right. I was tingling as she pulled my head down onto her left breast and I immediately began to suck on her hard nipple. She was moaning as I began to move my head back and forth, giving attention to each nipple. After several minutes she pushed me back into the sofa and began rubbing my cock through my pants as she fumbled for my zipper. She was really turned on and was moaning loudly. I was about to burst in my pants as she finally undid my zipper and reached in for my cock. I saw her eyes widen as her hand wrapped around my shaft and she struggled a little to free my manhood. Her touches were driving me wild and I quickly stood up and undid my belt and pushed my pants down to my ankles. She had a look of astonishment on her face as my fully erect cock bounced with each pulse of my heart. She said, You are so big! and quickly grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I was in heaven when she finally opened her mouth and I saw the massive tip of my cock penetrate her lips. She began to suck intensely as her tongue worked the underside of my cock head. Then she took her hands off my shaft and gripped my ass. Her head was pumping up and down on as much of my cock as she could fit into her beautiful mouth when I felt my orgasm begin to build rapidly. I reached down and stopped her head and she pulled away. She was looking up at me with confusion as if I had stopped a starving girl from a feast.I’m sorry. I am about to cum and I wanted to warn you.She looked at me with a smile and said, It’s ok, I want to make you cum. Just sit on the sofa and relax.With that I sat down and she crawled up between my legs. She was looking in to my eyes as she grabbed my cock and began to lick my scrotum. I had never experienced a blowjob in my life and it was more exciting than I could have imagined. After a few seconds, she raised her head and pulled herself closer to me. Her perfect breasts were bouncing lightly as she began to stroke here head up and down my shaft again. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop her this time as I felt a huge rope escape from the head of my cock. She was still looking into my eyes as I saw them widen from my initial shot of cum. She kept sucking and swallowing the best she could as stream after stream of semen left my body. She was able to swallow most of it, but some did escape the corners of her mouth and slide down to my balls. She promptly licked the spill up and finished the task beautifully. A moment before, I would have done anything to fuck this beautiful creature, but suddenly the reality of my pathetic phobia set in again. She sat back on the floor, wiped her mouth and pulled up her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she began to rub her neatly shaven pussy with her fingers. She then looked at me and said, I’m all yours. Please fuck me with your beautiful cock.It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen or heard, and still all I could think about was how to escape the situation. As she rubbed her clip with one hand and licked the fingers of her other hand, I could think of nothing but how I had gotten Jacy pregnant twelve years earlier. I was scared again. On the one hand, I wanted to push my cock into her vagina and fuck this beautiful creature until dawn; and on the other hand, I wanted to turn and run out the door and never look back. Not only was she beautiful and sexy, she had proven to have a great personality and be a great person as well. In the end I let my fears overwhelm me once again.I’m sorry Bernice, but it’s getting late and I should probably go. I couldn’t believe I was saying it.She looked at me helplessly and said, What do you mean? I though you liked me. Have I done something wrong?I wanted to tell her my whole situation right then and there, but I didn’t. Instead, I mumbled something about having a big day tomorrow and I pulled my pants up, said sorry, and left. She was still in the floor with a very hurt and confused look on her face as I said goodbye and walked out the door. That night at home I must have jerked off a half dozen times and kicked myself a half dozen more for what had happened. Part of me wanted to get in a cab and go back to the house in hopes that she might still be in the floor, ready for me to make love to her. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. The reality is that if I was in the same situation again, I would do exactly the same thing. I hated myself for it but it had become impossible for me to fight it off. I thought maybe she is the one I could marry and end this phobia, but I was too scared to try. I was able to have oral sex, but if it came to intercourse, I couldn’t go through with it. I began to realize that it was because of the guilt I felt for Jacy and Kelly and that whole situation, and I could never make myself do anything to possible hurt others the same way. Commitment, I realized, was not exactly a strong suit of mine. In the next weeks and months, I tried to forget about Bernice and concentrate on Kelly, though it was much harder than I had thought it would be. Occasionally I would ask my friend about her, but he would just look at me, shake his head, and say, You really blew it man. I never went any farther to try to get a better explanation. I took that as enough.This story takes its twist not long after my date with Bernice. Kelly was thirteen and I was thirty when I received the awful news. First of all Kelly was in Junior High now and was turning into a stunningly beautiful young woman, judging by her pictures. She was still active in all her sports and in cheerleading. In talking to her foster parents on the phone, I would get to see her soon, as they had told her about me and she h ad become increasingly excited to see me. I was very happy about this and thing were going good until I learned that Kelly’s foster parents had been killed in a car accident. I was devastated not only because I had grown to really know and like them, but also because things were going so well with my visitation hopes. Now things were all askew. I knew Kelly must be devastated and I wanted to run to her for support, but I didn’t know if that would be best. I was still wondering what to do when a couple days later I received a call from a lawyer. He introduced himself as Mr. Styles and asked if I could meet him at his offices the next morning concerning the will of Kelly’s foster parents. I wholeheartedly agreed and I slept very little that night wondering what would happen and if I might actually see Kelly. The next morning I arrived at Mr. Styles’ offices at eight o’clock sharp. I was as nervous and as excited as I have ever been. When I walked into the office, I saw a young woman sitting in the waiting area and immediately recognized her as Kelly. I went over to her with my heart racing and said Hello Kelly. She looked very sad and had been crying, but when she looked up at me she immediately jumped from her chair, hugged me hard around the neck, and sobbed. Oh daddy, I’m so glad to see you.I have never been happier or more overwhelmed with emotion in all my life. I was with my daughter finally. Tears filled my eyes as I hugged her back, speechless. Finally Kelly broke the embrace and looked down toward my trousers. Then she looked back at me, smiled, and said He’s waiting for us. Kelly turned around and started for the door of Mr. Styles office. I hadn’t noticed until now that my cock was fully erect. I walked half-bent and fully embarrassed into the office behind my daughter. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was only thirteen, but was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She looks mature for her age. Her face looked like something out of Greek mythology. Her breasts were still developing, but were tight and perky, and she was slim, yet very athletic looking. The most amazing thing though was her ass. She had the most perfectly rounded ass I had ever seen. She was wearing a pair of short-shorts that barely covered the curvature of her cheeks, and her legs extending down out of the short legs could not have been sculpted any better. She looked like a model for one of those fitness shows you see on ESPN. I couldn’t believe how I was reacting to her and I felt guilty for it. The lawyer said that he was the executor of Kelly’s parents will and there was a lot to go over. Mr. Meers, you may not know this, but Mr. And Mr. Stoves (Kelly’s foster parents) didn’t have any immediate family left. They came to me about a year ago to draw up their will. Surprising to me, they named you as a major beneficiary to their will. Now I have known the Stoves for many years, and this was shocking to me at first as you may well understand. I hadn’t heard of you before you see. But after hearing the story, it made sense.Well thank you Mr. Styles. I consider the Stoves to be close friends of mine.I’m sure you do. Now, this is very basic if we can come to an agreement. If you agree to take in Kelly, and if Kelly agrees to live with you until she becomes of age, then I can simply state the terms in the will and we will be done. What do you say?I could tell the lawyer was an old friend of the family and conducted himself in a more laid-back manner, and I appreciated it. I had thought of the possibility of Kelly moving in with me since the accident and I knew I wanted that to happen. I just hope Kelly felt the same way. After I expressed as much to Mr. Styles, he turned his attentions to Kelly.What do you say Kelly?Kelly didn’t speak at first and had a funny look in her eyes. She then said Mr. Styles, I would like nothing more now than to live with my father.I was ecstatic, but tried to hold it in. Mr. Styles the n proceeded to lay out the terms of the will which, among other things, said that Kelly was to move in with me and all the money of the estate will go to her when she turns eighteen, except for two thousand dollars each month that would be put into my account for the raising of Kelly. Apparently the Stoves were more well-to-do than I had thought. The house would be sold and Kelly would move to me to a city not far away. Kelly wasn’t excited about moving at first, but she soon realized that it was what had to happen.The next couple of years were strange in an unexpected way. Kelly and I grew close quickly and I was very active in her life, but I couldn’t understand my feelings for her. I loved her like a father, but there was something more. I frequently got erections if I was around her for very long, and I always became erect whenever she would hug me or kiss me. I also still had a problem with my perception of her. I saw her as my daughter, but I also saw her as a beautiful woman living in my home. I actually felt lust for her and this caused me much grief. I began dating more after Kelly moved in, but now I was infatuated with Kelly all the time, even when I was out on dates. This caused a lot of feelings of frustration and guilt. I would often masturbate in bed at night to the though of Kelly. I would fantasize about her in the shower or undressing, or even sometimes having sex. Having moved to a new town, Kelly was still getting to know kids her age and so she spent a lot of time around the house. She often wore skimpy outfits and lounged around so that her clothes would become ruffled and expose even more than they should. This would add to my sexual frustrations, but I couldn’t keep from staring and gawking. I would often have to leave the room for a quick masturbation session. I would return and she would say, Where did you go for so long. I would just smile and make something up. After a while, she had made a few friends and didn’t spend as much time at home, but she still stayed at home most nights and she never stayed out late. She was a beautiful girl, but seemed to resist boyfriends. I began to hope that she didn’t get some crazy phobia like her old man. I knew the boys must all get hard-ons over her. Otherwise things were quite normal at our home, until shortly after her sixteenth birthday.I was in my room one day thinking of Kelly and becoming very horny when I decided to take a shower. Kelly was down stairs watching t.v. and I figured now was a good time. I turned the water on, stripped, looked down at my growing twelve-inch cock, and stepped into the shower. I was fantasizing about Kelly and pulling my cock, when I heard Kelly call out my name. I decided to ignore her calls and suddenly became thankful that I had left the bathroom door slightly open. I heard her call once more and then saw the bathroom door open slightly. I looked away quickly. I wanted her to see me stroking my cock as if she weren’t even there. It was the most forbidden of taboos to desire your own daughter, but I couldn’t resist a little voyeurism. The shower door was clear glass and you could see everything. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was still there standing watching me. As I continued, I could see that her hand was inside the skimpy shorts she was wearing and she was rubbing herself. Her other hand was on her breasts. I thought it strange because she could easily be caught if I had said anything, but of course I didn’t, and she didn’t seem to mind a little danger either. The situation was affecting me and I could soon feel my orgasm building. A few seconds later, I was shooting the biggest load of my life all over the shower door, in full view of Kelly. She was still rubbing herself, and I swore I heard her moan as I came. I waited a few seconds and cleaned myself and the shower up a little and Kelly had left. I quickly got out and decided two could play her game. I put on a tight pair of shorts, no underwear, and nothing else as I strode down t o the living room. Kelly was sitting on the couch watching a movie when I plopped down beside her. She seemed unusually nervous and I knew why. After a few minutes she looked over at me and said What are you wearing? Just some comfortable house clothes, why?Dad! It’s a little revealing, don’t you think?No more revealing than what you have on.Why with that on, you might as well be naked!I smiled and said, Hey, you wear the skimpiest things I have ever seen a woman wear in my life, and you are lecturing me?She just rolled her eyes. We continued to watch t.v. for several minutes and then she floored me with a question I never would have thought she would ask me in a million years. Dad, if I did wear nothing around the house, would that be all right?I looked at her and was speechless. Could she be serious? Here was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, my daughter nonetheless, and she was asking permission to walk around the house naked. You want to walk around naked? I asked uncomfortably.Shyly she said, Well, yeah, if its ok. I guess I am a nudist at heart and just never had the nerve to express it to you.I thought a minute about how to answer this. I wanted to sound fatherly, instead of like a teenage boy with a hard-on.Well, if you really feel that way, I guess its ok. Just around the house though.Daddy, it would make me more comfortable if you would join me.I was really floored now. Not only did my daughter, the object of my fantasies, want to do around naked, she now wanted me to join her. I loved the idea but played it off a little.I don’t know about that. You sure it wouldn’t be too weird.I don’t think so daddy. Besides, we’re family, aren’t we?But honey, you are still a beautiful woman. Now, I don’t mind the nudism, but you will have to understand that it might make my cock erect to be naked and to see you naked. Is that ok for you?She said, Daddy, I know about that kind of thing and I am fine with it. So do you want to do it now?After a little more debate, I agreed. You should have seen her. She quickly jumped up and practically tore her clothes off. All she was wearing was a pair of short-shorts and a tank top so there really wasn’t much to take off, but when she did, I assure you I never took my eyes off. Her breasts were magnificent, much like Bernice’s had been a few years before. They were smaller than Bernice’s but they nipples had the same color tone and the same upward tilt. I was pleasantly surprised to see her pussy was completely shaven and she had an even tan over her body. I didn’t ask where she sunbathed. I decided I could save that for another fantasy some night. I sat and admired her for several seconds, forgetting that I was her father and she was my daughter. She then said, Daddy? It’s your turn now.I had almost forgotten and became suddenly nervous. I had a huge erection and now I had to expose it. My daughter was looking eagerly at my crotch, and I began to question the innocence of her motivation. I slowly slid the tight shorts down my muscular legs and then raised up. My balls felt suddenly huge and my cock as pointing strait out from the weight of my twelve-inch erection. Kelly was beautiful. She was fabulously fit and you could make out the six pack in her abs. She had worked out some with me and more at school and you could really see the results in her bareness. We looked at each other for a few intense seconds.Isn’t this great daddy?Yeah I said shyly I guess it is kinda freeing.She then sat back down beside me and snuggled up next to me to watch more t.v. I was very uncomfortable, but very horny at the same time. After a while, she asked me another question that make my eyes just about pop out of the sockets. Daddy, do you ever masturbate?What kind of question is that?I was just wondering. Being naked if freeing me up to ask the hard questions if guess. I have wondered about boys for some time now and thought I would ask you some questions if yo u don’t mind.I guess if it’s in the interest of knowledge I can play along. Yes I do masturbate.How much?I guess most every day. I think boys need to more than girls, though I could be wrong.I think you are wrong daddy, because I masturbate every day too.I was astounded by what she was saying but I would soon realize this was just the beginning to a long night of discovery.Will you masturbate with me daddy?Now Kelly, you shouldn’t ask me that. That is not the kind of thing a father and daughter should do.Why not daddy? We both admitted we do it. Why can’t we learn from each other and help each other out?What do you mean by that? I asked.Maybe we could look at some of the porno movies you have while we do it. And maybe even, if you want to, we could help each other do it. You know, I could touch you and you could touch me.It was all I could do not to take my cock and beat off on her right then and there. I knew it would only take a few seconds, as I could see the precum dripping down my shaft now. Without saying any more, I quickly stood up, grabbed her by the hand, and led her to my bedroom. I sat her down on my bed and pulled a porno from the drawer. I don’t know how Kelly found them, and I don’t care. I was so turned on by the fact that she knew where they were and had undoubtedly used them to masturbate to. I sat beside her and pushed play on the remote. As we watched the sex on the screen, I began to stroke my cock.Can I do that for you daddy?Without a word, I leaned back and felt Kelly put her small teenage hand on my cock. She then began to stroke it up and down, turning her head back and forth from my cock to the t.v. screen. I’m going to try something daddy. Don’t worry.Before I could ask what she was about to do, I saw her put her mouth around the head of my cock and begin sucking. I was in heaven. I knew it was wrong, but didn’t want it to stop. Kelly raised her head for a few seconds and looking into my eyes.I saw you in the shower today daddy. I know what you did and I want you to let me do it from now on. I’ve wanted you ever since the first time I saw you in the lawyer’s office. I felt your huge cock with that first hug and I’ve wanted to feel it again ever since. I’ve wanted to taste it. I want you to fuck me daddy. I want to be your daughter and your wife.Those words, as much as anything else, caused me to shoot rope after rope of cum all over Kelly’s mouth and face. I was astounded by what she was saying, I couldn’t even speak. To my surprise she licked and drank as much of it as she could. 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Oh daddy fuck me!!! i screamed as sheer pleasure took over my body until there wasnt even a hint of being scared. I wanted that huge cock in my pussy, not just in my hand.
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Even though her body was shaking he would not take her over the edge. To Jane this was the very definition of torture. She was loosing her mind, the sensations were too strong. When tears began flowing at the exquisite tension, John clamped his lips around her clit and hummed.
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Ross whispered something into his sisters ears that his mother did not catch but heard her daughters surprised response. Alice turned her head wondering what Susie didnt believe and never got to ask what it was, as she grimaced feeling the cock head between her sopping lips… but this time she wanted to be taken…forced to swallow the black invader between her legs…filling her cunt as it had never been filled before. She moaned and slowly started to encourage her daughter to fill her with black cock…groaning as it hurt her bringing back memories of when she was giving birth to Susie …only this time it was Susie trying to get back into her womb.
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shemale anime comics. We then left for the zoo shortly after, the day went by without exception for the most part. The only good things were when I had to carry her on my shoulders and feeling the warmth between her legs pressed against me, and when I talked to Addison about sleeping in my bed after her brother went to sleep on the pull out couch. She agreed of course cause I said that I could show her how to have a lot of fun when she is alone and that she could make me really happy if we played some games together. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home for some food and got back in the house around 6.
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Sorry he said.
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I wonder if anything will actually happen tonight…She acted kind of nervous today, and this was all her idea in the first place, so I think its safe enough to say shes interested, but how far could things go?
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Svetlana collapses on top of me and lays there for a few minutes. Both of us breathing hard and slowly calming down as my slowly deflating dick finally falls out of her now finely fucked love hole. She gets her composure looks up at me and says; I'll go get my shower and go back out to the couch so the girls don't know what we did. I don't want to upset your daughter or mine till we can officially start dating. OH MY! You do want us to start seeing each other, Don't you? I look up at her concerned face telling her; Lana (nickname I always used for her full name) I definately want to date you. In fact, I have wanted to see you for a long time, and I think I am already in love with you too. We will take it public a little at a time and make sure the girls are happy too. but I would say the way those two already get along with each other and the way each of the girls like us together that we will not have much problem. So the answer is definately YES! She gets a tear in her eye, leans over and kisses me, jumps up, and heads off to the bathroom, thats down the hall, skipping like a kid in a candy store.
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It took Susie by surprise and although uncomfortable loathed to break off the kiss…in fact she responded by kissing back...which was not that un expected taking into account her aroused state.
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Aaaugh! She moaned, and I felt Ambers whole body give an involuntary twitch as Andy and I glided in and out of her. This is…. Uuuungh! …. Amazing!
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